Why Acts?

Choosing Acts means choosing an organization built on values and focused above all else on you and your well-being. Acts is proud to be:

  • Mission-driven and not-for-profit. Acts exists to serve our residents and that makes all the difference in the way we manage and invest in our communities.
  • Guided by Christian beliefs. Welcoming to people of all faiths, we embrace the ideals of honesty, respect, and human dignity and believe deeply in the power of loving-kindness. We care for our residents in body, mind and spirit.
  • Dedicated to excellence in all we do. We are committed to the highest standards of care and management – reflected in our 5-star Medicare ratings. Acts also continually evaluates its processes and performances through financial reviews, maintaining an ethics trust accreditation, and resident surveys. Our communities enjoy a 96% satisfaction rating among current residents.
  • Strong and stable. An industry leader, Acts is the largest not-for-profit of our kind in the country, with a record of success that dates back to 1972 and financial strength you can trust for the long-term.
  • An organization that inspires loyalty. From the team members in our communities to the leadership in our corporate offices, Acts employees are remarkably long-tenured. People join our organization, become inspired by our mission, and often stay for decades.