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When You Need Elevated Elder Care in Vero Beach, Experts are Here

For decades, Indian River Estates has been renowned as a leading retirement community in Vero Beach, FL. Now, we extend our comprehensive range of senior health services to both residents and nonresidents alike, embracing anyone seeking assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, rehabilitation therapy, and respite care.

We are fully equipped to tailor the level and type of care to suit your specific needs. Plus, should your requirements evolve, we seamlessly adjust your care level, eliminating the concern of relocating to another campus.

Indian River Estates
A nurse sitting next to an elderly woman on a couch showing her information on a tablet

Tailored Senior Health Care Services in Vero Beach, FL

  • Expert staff available round-the-clock for comprehensive care and support
  • On-site licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists
  • A committed nurse practitioner providing primary care at our Indian River Estates Wellness Center
  • Supportive specialists including a licensed clinical social worker, recreation therapist, and Chaplain
  • Oversight of care across all communities by our Chief Medical Officer


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Hero Image Assisted Living

Indian River Estates 
Assisted Living 

Receive compassionate, personalized assistance with daily living activities in a secure, home-like environment.

Hero Image Memory Care

Indian River Estates Memory Care

Find dedicated support for individuals grappling with memory loss and other cognitive challenges.

Hero Image Skilled Nursing Care

Indian River Estates 
Skilled Nursing Care 

Experience both short-term and long-term care services with exceptional quality ratings, delivered with a compassionate touch.

Hero Image Rehabilitation Therapy

Indian River Estates 
Rehab Therapy

Access physical, occupational, and speech therapy services for short-term stays or on an outpatient basis.

Hero Image Respite Care

Indian River Respite Care

Offering temporary relief for caregivers, allowing them time to rest, travel, and recharge. 


Why Families Love Indian River Estates

  • Tamicrowley
    “My dad always tells us how happy he is, not to worry about him, and how much he truly loves living here.”
    / Tami Crowley
  • Jeffrinkus
    My mom is getting great care. I don’t worry about her here because she’s actually flourishing despite her stage of dementia and able to make genuine human connections.
    / Jeff Rinkus
  • Mikecrowley
    My dad is always raving about how good the food is. There’s always someone there if he needs anything at all and they’re very accommodating.
    / Mike Crowley
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Why Choose This Vero Beach Community for Senior Care?

Indian River Estates is a tropical paradise perfect for nature lovers with the tranquility of open spaces and water views. The sprawling 100-acre gated campus boasts picturesque landscapes, adorned with palm trees, serene lakes, and an array of meticulously tended gardens and outdoor leisure spaces.

No matter the type of senior healthcare you seek in Vero Beach, FL, Indian River Estates not only delivers exceptional care but also fosters a sense of community and compassion. Even during short-term stays, you'll have access to our charming community amenities, including the fitness center, pool, dining areas, social spaces, walking trails, outdoor areas, and much more.

A group of five people sitting and chatting on outdoor furniture in a garden

Depend on Acts 

As the largest not-for-profit operator of continuing care retirement communities in the United States, Acts extends significant benefits to those we serve across our 27 communities spanning from Pennsylvania to Florida:

  • Engage in the Acts Signature Care experience, where you and your loved ones collaborate in making care decisions.
  • Explore cutting-edge programs like Thrive, offering personalized preventive therapies aimed at maintaining strength, functionality, balance, and independence.
  • Experience a culture of compassion that drives our staff in all their endeavors.
  • Benefit from the financial stability and reliability of a nationally recognized organization with over 50 years of successful operation.
  • Rest assured in our unwavering commitment to our nonprofit mission, prioritizing the well-being of those under our care above all else.

Just remember: At Indian River Estates in Vero Beach, our commitment to elder care extends beyond exceptional physical healthcare to encompass your cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.


Did You Know

Did you know?

At Normandy Farms Estates, we are dedicated not just to excellent physical healthcare but to your cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being as well.

Learn more about Assisted Living

Request Information about Health Services at Acts

Request Information about Health Services at Acts

“Everything was so easy for me, and my husband was totally cared for. He loved the food and enjoyed all the activities.”
/ Peg Hoover Peggyhoover Cropped

Backed By the Strength of Acts 

As the nation’s largest not-for-profit owner, operator, and developer of continuing care retirement communities, Acts has a 50-year legacy of success. Our mission-driven approach, guided by Christian values, prioritizes the well-being of those we serve. As an industry leader with 27 senior care facilities across nine states, we are financially strong and stable, with the resources to deliver excellence and lead the way in innovation. As you plan for your future, Acts is an organization you can depend on and trust.