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Memory Care Facilities at Acts: Dementia & Memory Care Units 

Welcome to Acts’ memory care facilities designed to provide compassionate and comprehensive support for individuals facing dementia and memory-related challenges. Within our secure memory care neighborhoods, we strive to create a safe and enriching community where residents can thrive, and families can find peace of mind.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care centers provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals experiencing cognitive changes of many kinds, including Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. These facilities provide 24/7 supervision, assistance with activities of daily living, structured routines, cognitive stimulation, and specialized programming aimed at enhancing quality of life and preserving remaining cognitive functioning.  

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An elderly woman sitting on a chair and using an oxygen tube

Finding a Memory Care Facility Near You

Find the best memory care unit for you by researching online, asking for your doctor’s recommendation, or support groups. Take the time to visit facilities to assess the environment, meet the staff, and learn about the services offered. Ask questions about staff training, safety measures, activities and therapies provided, and the philosophy of care. Also ask how the facility addresses challenging behaviors, and how they involve families in the care process.  

As you research dementia care facilities in your area, ask two key questions: 

  • Does the facility offer a range of evidence-based services specifically designed for those experiencing cognitive change?
  • If the facility is a skilled nursing center, does it have a 5-start Medicare rating like ours at Acts do? Those with 5 stars—the highest rating— are considered to have far above average quality. 

What Makes Acts the Right Choice?

At each of our 27 Acts communities you will find quality memory care services provided by a team that is both highly qualified and deeply caring, with a full range of services here on site. This person-centered care is offered in a beautiful and welcoming setting and provided in the spirit of loving-kindness that inspires everything we do at Acts.  

In addition, with the Acts Signature Experience, you and your loved ones will be the key decision makers when it comes to how healthcare services are provided. At Acts we believe in personalized care and schedule flexibility. And because you will participate in care decisions, you will feel a greater sense of peace of mind. 

What to Expect from Our Memory Care Center 

Acts Engaged Living is the name of all the programs we offer our memory care patients. Through Acts Engaged Living, we provide clinical care and engagement of the highest quality—individualized, evidence-based, and informed by the latest best practices. We also provide:

  • A proactive, preventive approach, focusing on slowing cognitive losses
  • Intentionally positive, building on each person’s strengths and abilities
  • Highly individualized, with engagement to promote feelings of empowerment and purpose
  • Employing the Best FriendsTM model, which focuses on building strong personal relationships 
  • Grounded in empathy and inclusion, with memory care support groups and events 

What Others Are Saying About Us

  • Tamicrowley
    “My dad always tells us how happy he is, not to worry about him, and how much he truly loves living here.”
    / Tami Crowley
  • Jeffrinkus
    My mom is getting great care. I don’t worry about her here because she’s actually flourishing despite her stage of dementia and able to make genuine human connections.
    / Jeff Rinkus
  • Mikecrowley
    My dad is always raving about how good the food is. There’s always someone there if he needs anything at all and they’re very accommodating.
    / Mike Crowley

Request Information about Memory Care at Acts

Request Information about Memory Care at Acts

“Everything was so easy for me, and my husband was totally cared for. He loved the food and enjoyed all the activities.”
/ Peg Hoover Peggyhoover Cropped

Backed By the Strength of Acts 

As the nation’s largest not-for-profit owner, operator, and developer of continuing care retirement communities, Acts has a 50-year legacy of success. Our mission-driven approach, guided by Christian values, prioritizes the well-being of those we serve. As an industry leader with 27 senior care facilities across nine states, we are financially strong and stable, with the resources to deliver excellence and lead the way in innovation. As you plan for your future, Acts is an organization you can depend on and trust.