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3025 Chesbrough Blvd, Rock Hill, SC 29732

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Rock Hill, SC Memory Care at Park Point Village

If you are seeking memory care in Rock Hill, SC, Park Point Village is your sanctuary. This picturesque continuing care retirement community offers a wealth of resources, including specialized memory care support for both assisted living and skilled nursing residents, as well as a secure memory care neighborhood for those in need of dedicated care. 

Our personalized memory care services are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of each resident and the cognitive shifts they are navigating.

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Evidence-Based Memory Care & Amenities

Park Point Village’s Engaged Living program is tailored to support residents across independent living, assisted living, or skilled care who are experiencing cognitive changes such as Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. With Engaged Living, we deliver clinical care and engagement that is personalized, evidence-based, informed by cutting-edge practices, and bolstered by comprehensive training.

Memory Care Services

  • A proactive, preventive strategy, aimed at decelerating cognitive decline 

  • An uplifting approach that accentuates each individual’s strengths and skills

  • Deeply personalized engagement to foster a sense of empowerment and purpose 

  • The Best Friends™ model, centered on cultivating strong personal connections 

  • Rooted in empathy and inclusivity, with memory care support groups and events

General Healthcare Services

  • Wellness Center with full-time Nurse Practitioner on site
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Chief Medical Officer directing organization-wide healthcare
  • Integrated care coordination and medication management
  • A specialized Memory Care program
  • Organized transportation for medical appointments 
  • A team of supportive specialists including a social worker, recreation therapist, and chaplain
  • Assistance for families and caregivers 

Amenities and Activities

  • Three wholesome meals served daily in communal dining settings 

  • Snacks available at all times 

  • A spacious, serene, and welcoming environment 

  • Common areas designed for social interaction and relaxation 

  • Personalizable private and semi-private living spaces 

  • Private bathrooms, cable TV, and an emergency call system 

  • Activities designed to enrich life experiences 

  • Expansive, beautifully landscaped grounds and gardens

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Financing Memory Care Services

Memory care services are financed monthly by residents and their families using personal funds and/or long-term care insurance. Our team is ready to guide you through the financial details involved.

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Eligibility for Memory Care

Memory care at Park Point Village is intended for individuals experiencing memory loss, often due to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Eligibility is determined by the need for specialized care and support in managing cognitive impairment. Prospective residents provide medical records, undergo a health evaluation, and share financial information for assessment. Our memory care specialists are here to assist in determining eligibility.


What Others Are Saying About Our Rock Hill, SC Memory Care Facility

  • Jeffrinkus
    My mom is getting great care. I don’t worry about her here because she’s actually flourishing despite her stage of dementia and able to make genuine human connections.
    / Jeff Rinkus
  • Peggyhoover Cropped
    “Everything was so easy for me, and my husband was totally cared for. He loved the food and enjoyed all the activities.”
    / Peg Hoover
  • Mikecrowley
    My dad is always raving about how good the food is. There’s always someone there if he needs anything at all and they’re very accommodating.
    / Mike Crowley
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Did you know?

By emphasizing each person’s abilities and not just their cognitive challenges, we nurture a culture of achievement and empowerment at Park Point Village.

Request Information about Blue Bell Memory Care Services

Request Information about Blue Bell Memory Care Services

“My dad always tells us how happy he is, not to worry about him, and how much he truly loves living here.”
/ Tami Crowley Tamicrowley

Backed By the Strength of Acts 

As the nation’s largest not-for-profit owner, operator, and developer of continuing care retirement communities, Acts has a 50-year legacy of success. Our mission-driven approach, guided by Christian values, prioritizes the well-being of those we serve. As an industry leader with 27 senior care facilities across nine states, we are financially strong and stable, with the resources to deliver excellence and lead the way in innovation. As you plan for your future, Acts is an organization you can depend on and trust.